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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Dallas

SCI Cases in Dallas, Texas

A spinal cord injury is one where the nerves in the spinal cord have been damaged or badly affected in some manner. These nerves lead from the brain to the rest of the body and all travel to some degree through the spinal column to monitor and control the rest of the body. Suffering an injury to the spinal cord can severely impact your mobility, either temporarily or permanently. The majority of these types of injuries are very traumatic and can cause paralysis or some degree of immobility.

Spinal cord injuries can be incredibly severe and should be treated as such. Due to the nature of spinal cord injuries, individuals that are injured can deal with consequences that remain with them for the rest of their life. Medical treatment may be necessary for extensive periods of time and it can include hospital stays or the need to enter into a rehabilitation program. Some injured people can become paraplegic or quadriplegic and this may require them to be under the custodial care of someone who can take care of them. Even for those that do not lose as severe a level of functional control over their body, they can still be unable to return to their job and therefore lose their source of income. In addition to the painful and financial influence that it can have, the emotional and psychological effects of an injury can be severe when a formerly self-reliant individual is dependent on others. The full influence of an injury should be considered when a Dallas personal injury lawyer is negotiating the settlement deal in your case.

Diagnosing SCIs

When it is suspected that the spinal cord has been damaged, or if you have been in an accident that may have impacted this area, it is important to have a medical assessment immediately. These injuries can be incredibly serious and they be looked at without delay. Injuries that should lead you to seek assessment include pelvic fracture, a fall from a significant height, penetration of the spine, head injuries, or an accident that involved a lot of force, such as a car accident. The initial symptoms may include neck and back pain, a tingling feeling, loss of feeling, urinary or bowel issues, a headache, trouble walking and more. If these signs are present then an injury should also be looked at.

Since these injuries can worsen with even the slightest movement, transportation should be done carefully. While a healthcare professional can tell a lot by the symptoms, they will want to run tests for further insight. This can include X-rays, MRIs, CT scan, somatosensory or a myelogram. A neurological exam may also be conducted by a doctor to see if there are other signs of the injury. Through the ASIA Impairment Scale they can classify the level of neural function loss. Treatment can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the time of which the treatment is being sought. In the early stages the treatment may be in the emergency room, and the concern can be more focused on preventing the situation from worsening and getting the individual stable. Efforts to correct and rehabilitate will often come over time.

Some of the treatment options are listed below:

  • Physical therapy to regain abilities
  • Occupational therapy
  • Surgical procedures
  • Immobilization to stabilize the spine
  • Medication
  • Vocational therapy to return to work
  • Exercise and diet
  • Electronic stimulation devices
  • Wheelchairs that allow greater mobility

A spinal cord injury may only be corrected so much in certain cases and for some individuals it is more about learning to live with the new changes. With technology there are more and more advances being sought that can provide accommodations and allow for accident victims to lead a greater quality of life. This can come at a cost though so having the full scope of injuries understood in a case is important. Many spinal cord injuries can leave those affected with long term disabilities and they may need to learn skills on their own, or they may need to turn to others for assistance. In a personal injury case for a spinal cord injury, the medical costs currently and in the future should be understood, along with lost income and the emotional toll that is left on the injured person.

Did your injury lead to paralysis?

Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP is skilled law firm that is dedicated to providing the people of Dallas with the exceptional representation needed to fight for justice after suffering a serious injury. It can be very complex working with insurance companies who want to pay out as little as possible for a personal injury claim. They are not concerned for your future medical problems or the traumatic effects on the rest of your life. Our team is ready to stand up to the oppressive insurance providers, however, and we will aggressively advocate your case in the pursuit of rightful compensation for your suffering.

Gain the Experience of a Dallas Injury Lawyer

We have protected the rights of victims for more than 15 years, and we are experienced in handling cases involving such catastrophic injuries as damage to the spinal cord. Our firm understands the difficulties you face, and we believe in providing you with the compassionate representation you need at this time. We have successfully obtained large settlements for numerous clients and will do our utmost to recover just compensation for your family.

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