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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dallas PTSD Attorney

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious psychological disorder that many people suffer from after they undergo a traumatic event. Accidents such as car accidents and other incidents involving sudden trauma leave many victims dealing with scars that are not physical. This is a type of anxiety disorder that can seriously alter the course of someone's life, and even prevent them from functioning in everyday life as they once were able to. It is not uncommon for this disorder to affect an individual months and even years after the initial accident occurred. Sometimes, victims do not even experience PTSD until years later. There are four main symptoms to watch out for. Anyone who displays all four of these symptoms or even a majority of them may want to consider seeing a doctor, along with speaking to a Dallas, TX injury lawyer.

Symptoms of the Anxiety Disorder

First of all, those with PTSD will likely experience a replaying of the traumatic event over and over again in their mind. This can be extremely troubling, since it causes the victim to literally re-experience the accident again. This can occur when the individual is awake or while they are sleeping. Certain occurrences can trigger flashbacks, particularly those things that the victim associates with their accident. Even those who were not involved in the accident, but witnessed the accident or are the family member of the victim may experience PTSD. For example, a person who was severely injured in a car accident may never be able to get inside a vehicle again without having a flashback.

Secondly, those with PTSD may exemplify something called "avoidance behavior." A victim of an accident will likely want to avoid all things that cause them to remember the accident again. For someone who was injured in a pool accident, for example, this may even go deeper than simply wanting to avoid swimming pools. The victim may be afraid to go near any water or watch television shows that display bodies of water. This can keep a person from functioning as a member of society.

Thirdly, an accident victim with this anxiety disorder may experience a feeling of numbness and become withdrawn or desensitized. They may have no interest in activities that they formerly enjoyed and this can dramatically affect their families and loved ones. Those who suffer in this way may even refuse to admit that the accident ever happened.

Lastly, PTSD sufferers may have hyper-arousal. This can mean that they are agitated a majority of the time which can cause major mood swings. One minute, the individual may be happy but then suddenly become angry even without a trigger. These people may also have trouble sleeping and interacting with others.

Contact our Dallas injury attorneys!

If you or someone you love was involved in an accident and you now believe that you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, you may be able to receive compensation in this form. Pain and suffering are non-economic damages that our firm may be able to seek for victims of accidents. You may be unsure whether or not you have this kind of case, which is why we encourage you to visit a doctor or psychologist. Our firm is prepared to assist every step of the way to ensure that our clients get every penny of what they deserve. Call us today!

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