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Neck Injuries in Dallas

Neck injuries can be the result of numerous types of accidents, including an auto accident or other incident that had a high impact. The severity of these types of injuries can vary greatly and it is often directly correlated to the amount of pressure that takes place during the incident. These types of injuries can be incredibly harmful and it is critical that they are looked at immediately. After seeking medical care it is also important that you talk to a Dallas injury lawyer about your case to better determine if you are owed compensation for the harm you suffered.

Types of Injuries

These injuries are commonly the result of car crashes and serious falls, though this painful damage can result from a variety of negligent accidents. Don't wait before getting treatment for these injuries or at least having them looked at by a trained medical professional. They should not be simply treated at home and failure to address a neck injury properly can lead to all types of additional health concerns. Some of the different types of neck injuries include the following:

Disc Injury
Numerous discs make up the cervical spine and they allow for greater flexibility and a range of movement. In the event of an auto accident it is possible for the discs to bulge, rupture or slip. Any type of damage to this area can have severe effects.

TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Injury
The Temporomandibular Joint is what allows for the jaws to move. An injury to this area can take place as a result of a sudden acceleration that causes the ligaments of the jaw to snap. This Injury can be difficult to heal and can lead to many effects.

One of the most serious forms of injuries that can occur to the neck region is when it is actually fractured. Causing more than just pain, this injury can actually lead to paralysis as a result of the spinal cord being damaged. Paralysis does not always occur and some injuries may include pain, a tingling feeling and numbness.

Cervical Dislocation
When one of the neck bones moves out of place, it creates spinal instability, and the ligaments can rupture completely if the bone is fully displaced forward.

This is the type of injury that is most common in the victims of a car accident. It typically results from facing an impact when the force comes from behind and the neck area is sent back and forward or side to side. The results of whiplash can include a stiff neck, soft tissue inflammation and may even lead to little or no movement of the neck and head. Depending on the case whiplash may be minor or severe.

When the ligaments surrounding the neck are injured, victims may suffer painful swelling and reduced movement or flexibility. Severity of the damage depends upon the nature of the accident.

Effective Representation for Victims

Neck injuries can lead to the need for initial medical treatment that may be ongoing. Victims may also require painful physical therapy in an effort to regain some of their capabilities. In more serious cases the injury can lead to a permanent disability, greatly influencing the life of the injured party. If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury then it is imperative that you do not wait to speak with a professional about your case. At our firm our team is ready to meet with you to talk about your case and develop a plan to aid you in the recovery process.

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