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Dallas Catastrophic Injury Attorney

What is a catastrophic injury?

An accident can happen in a second and leave you with lifelong injuries. While any type of injury can be significant, those that are categorized as catastrophic injuries can carry an even greater level of impact on the individuals who are affected. What is a catastrophic injury? There are different types but the main defining factors in these cases are that they are often severe and the recovery period may either be long term or permanent. Are you looking for a catastrophic injury lawyer in Dallas to represent your case? Our firm has been highly rated for our efforts and the results that we have continued to receive for our clients. In a case as serious as a catastrophic injury you need more than just the average attorney. It is likely that you will face long term effects and this should be taken into account when seeking compensation. Our firm will look at the immediate effects and the long term influence including medical expenses, lost wages and other related factors.

Victims of Permanently Debilitating Accidents

The following are some of the types of catastrophic injuries that our firm works with and you are encouraged to contact us to learn what we can do in your case specifically.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
The brain is the main control unit for the rest of the body so when this area is injured the results can be felt all over. There are different levels of brain injuries so it is important to know when to seek medical attention. Failing to have a brain injury addressed in time can lead to the damage increasing. Brain injuries may be caused by falls, auto accidents, sport related injuries, acts of violence or injuries sustain in an explosion. Depending on the level of influence that an injury has, the need for compensation can vary.

Spinal Cord Injuries
Working hand in hand with the brain, the spinal cord is the second half of the central nervous system. It is protected by the spine due to its sensitivity and importance. This area may be injured through the spinal cord being severed, being crushed or even a piece of the spine entering into it. The injuries can be complete and incomplete, determining the level of movement and feeling a person will have. Paralysis, paraplegia and quadriplegia are all potential effects that can change the path of a person's life in many ways. These injuries are considered a medical emergency and they should be looked at immediately.

Burn Injuries
These types of injuries can come in different levels and this will be important in determining the type of treatment. A first degree burn can often go without the need for a hospital visit while burns after this should start being looked at by a professional. The damage can be to the outer layer of skin and it can move all the way down to the bone. The results can include the loss of limbs, severe scarring, loss of muscle use and other devastating outcomes. A burn can be painful initially but the effect can remain even long after it has begun to heal.

When one of the limbs is lost it can have a severe influence on the accident victim. Initially there will be the need for emergency treatment and these injuries should be dealt with immediately. A victim may require a prosthetic to try to replace the limb that was lost. This may be used to give them greater functioning along with making them feel more comfortable to go out in a social setting. Adaptations will need to be made and they can become reliant on other people to perform daily tasks. Depending on the loss of limb, they may need assistance to get from one location to another, to get ready in the morning and even to feed themselves. Many great advancements have been made in our society that can allow for a greater quality of life, but even with that it is not always enough to replace what was lost. An injured victim is left dealing with a lot and this should be considered in their case.

Broken Bones
A broken bone is another type of injury that can lead to serious ramifications. Some broken bones are easily recovered from while some can take longer and may lead to complications. In certain situations a broken bone can be serious enough that it leads to a permanent loss of mobility for the individual who is affected. A broken bone can leave the injured person with hospital expenses, temporary disability and the need to rely on others. A worker may be unable to return to their job for months or even longer depending on the situation. Broken bones may occur through a number of ways, including a complete crushing of the bone. Crush injuries can shatter the bone and this can lead to extremely complicated health concerns, along with the need for complex procedures.

Birth Injuries
During the pregnancy and the actual labor, the potential for a birth injury to occur will exist. The injury may be unavoidable while in other situations a medical professional should have caught it. Many birth injuries are actually caused by the error of a medical professional, such as the poor use of forceps when helping to take the child out. These injuries can lead to disabilities that may be physical, mental or related to motor skills. While developing, a child can deal with added challenges that were caused by the negligence of a doctor. It is important to determine if there is someone at fault in these situations and talking to a Dallas injury lawyer can help provide greater clarity.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer for Dallas, TX

Catastrophic injuries can require immediate visits to the hospital or emergency room. Further medical attention may be necessary, and this can include ongoing medical procedures to try to correct the damage that was done. Many injured victims find themselves dealing with the need to make adaptations. They may be put in a wheelchair and they now need to adjust their home with modifications to meet this change. Others may be put out of work and this can be for varying lengths of time. Some workers are unable to return to their previous job and need to retrain to learn new skills, while others can be hindered from ever returning to work. Make sure that your interests are protected by turning to an injury lawyer that will look out for you.

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