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Third-Degree Burns

Burn Injury Lawyer in Dallas

Burn injuries are classified into different degrees, dependent completely on the amount of damage dealt to the body and tissue. The depth and extent of the damage make third-degree burns the most severe of all kinds of burns. These injuries can be the result of exposure to caustic chemicals, powerful or extensive electrocution, or extreme heat from fire, steam, or hot liquids and objects.

These burns usually appear either white or black and have a leather-like texture. Victims suffer from extremely high rates of breathing and pulse, along with the possibility of going into shock. These burns are very deep, and depending on the cause of the burn, can damage bones, muscle, and fat as well as the skin. These injuries are devastating, and if you or a loved one have suffered something of this nature, it is absolutely vital that you seek medical treatment as quickly as possible, preferably from an emergency room or by dialing 911.

Treating Burns

Due to the fact that these injuries cause severe damage to the body, treatment is often extensive. Victims of third degree burns may need to undergo such treatment as:

  • Cleaning and debriding, which is the removal of dead skin and tissue from the wounded area
  • An IV drip to deliver fluids and electrolytes to the body
  • Antibiotics through an IV or oral pill
  • Application of antibiotic creams or ointments
  • Keeping the wound in a warm, humid environment
  • Pain medications
  • A diet high in protein and nutritional supplements to aid the skin in healing
  • Skin grafting to help close the wound
  • Surgery for functional and cosmetic reconstruction of the skin

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At Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP, we are compassionate to the struggle associated with burn injuries and the devastating ramifications that it can leave in the lives of the victims. For this reason, if you have suffered from a burn injury, it is vital that you do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable Dallas injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our team can thoroughly evaluate your case to determine liability and provide the aggressive representation needed to pursue generous compensation for your family's losses and suffering. There is no reason to suffer through this tragedy alone; call our firm today to enlist the powerful advocacy you deserve.

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