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About Broken Bones

Personal Injury Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Broken bone injuries can be severe and painful. They normally require a great deal of time to heal, immobilizing the victim for weeks or even months at a time while the break heals. The resulting inability to even perform the basic necessities of life requires that many individuals with fractures have someone assist them with their daily care.

There are different types of fractures, and they may require more extensive treatment or even surgery to heal properly. Some of the typical breaks victims experience are:

  • Non-displaced fracture: The pieces on both sides of the break line up
  • Displaced fracture: The pieces on both sides of the break do not match up, which requires the doctor to realign the bone
  • Comminuted fracture: The bone is broken into two or more pieces, or parts of the bone have been crushed
  • Single fracture: There is only one break in the bone
  • Segmental fracture: There are two or more breaks in one bone
  • Hairline fracture: The bone has a thin break
  • Open or compound fracture: The ends of the broken bone break through the skin

Due to the debilitating nature of bone fractures, many victims are unable to work for extended periods of time, as all the while their medical treatment bills increase. Broken bones can seriously impact a person's life, and in some cases the injury never truly heals. Retaining the services of a knowledgeable legal counselor can assist you in recovering a substantial settlement to cover your expenses. Our experienced Dallas personal injury attorney has successfully obtained large settlements for many of our clients who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Suffer a fracture? Talk to an injury attorney in Dallas.

Many times broken bones are the result of another person's negligence. This injury in often inflicted upon victims of car accidents, workplace mishaps, or instances when a store or property owner fails to clean up a spill or repair a broken walkway. Sadly, thousands of children suffer broken bones every year, and when these injuries occur because a teacher or other care work neglected to properly supervise the children or keep the environment safe, they can be held liable for their careless actions.

At the Dallas Law Firm of Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP we have years of experience representing clients throughout Texas with serious accidents, including many who have required special surgical procedures for severe fractures and ones that were placed in casts while their broken bones healed. Our office combines our extensive experience with a professional commitment to thorough preparation, paying attention to every detail while providing aggressive advocacy to seek full and fair compensation for all your losses.

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