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Dallas Bus Accident Lawyer

Representation After an Accident

Bus accident victims can suffer from serious and life-changing injuries. In a matter of a second, a person's world can be turned upside down. If you or a loved one has been injured on a bus, you need to work with an attorney from Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP as soon as possible. Our team of dedicated and highly experienced legal professionals stands ready to provide you with aggressive representation in your time of need.

If you have been hurt, do not hesitate to contact our firm today and work with a trusted Dallas personal injury attorney. If you are suffering injuries following any of the following types of bus accidents, you may be eligible to receive compensation.

School Bus Accident
Each day, thousands of children get put on school buses and sent on their way. Parents assume that every possibility will be taken and every precaution made to ensure that their children are safe; however, in the event of an accident, a child may suffer catastrophic injuries. Because of lack of seatbelts and safety harnesses, school bus accidents can seriously damage a child's brain, neck and spinal cord.

Charter Bus Accident
Tourists visiting Dallas often board charter buses to sight-see and to travel to and from destinations surrounding the Dallas area. While these larger buses are often equipped with large comfortable seats, they do not usually have seatbelts. If a charter bus is involved in an accident the charter company, driver or manufacturer may be held liable for the injuries you have received.

Public Transportation Accident
Public transportation buses are some of the most commonly used modes of transportation in the city of Dallas. Buses can easily become overcrowded and standing and close-quarters are permitted on most public buses. When a public bus is involved in an accident, the risk for injury may be very high. Although the city may investigate the case, it is important that you still speak with a Dallas injury attorney regarding your injuries.

Helping You Obtain Compensation in Dallas, TX

Have you been seriously injured in a bus accident? You need to ensure that the negligent party is brought to justice and that you and your loved ones are able to receive the financial help you need to pay for medical costs and other out of pocket expenses caused by the accident. At our firm, we will employ all resources available to fully investigate your case and ensure that the wrongful party be held accountable for your injuries. Bus accidents can be devastating but with the guidance of our firm, you may be able to retain the compensation that you deserve. Contact Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP as soon as possible to receive the representation you need and to work with a highly experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer now.

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