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Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

Located in the Dallas area, at Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP we look out for the interest of those that have been injured in an accident, as well as their families. A personal injury case can be a devastating thing to have to endure but we look to offer support and personalized attention throughout the case.

The following are some of the areas that we can help but we work in other cases as well.

Car Accidents
Car accidents are responsible for the devastation of millions of lives each year. It may be due to weather conditions or a driver that is being negligent that leads to a collision and when cars do hit the results can be catastrophic. Compensation may be in order for drivers and passengers depending on the details of the situation.

Truck Accidents
Due to the larger size of a truck and the reduced steering ability on larger vehicles, truck accidents can cause serious damage. There are a number of different types that are on the roads, including commercial trucks, semis and 18 wheelers. A truck accident can result from brake failure, driver distraction or when there is not enough distance to stop.

Motorcycle Accidents
Many motorcyclist share the roads with drivers though they may not always be looked out for and can be difficult to notice. The driver of a motorcycle can suffer severe injuries based on the limited protection their helmet, motorcycle and clothing offer.

Other Accidents
Our firm assists in more than just the listed accident areas and we look to find compensation in a range of cases. The best way to learn what we can do in your case is to call with us and discuss it one on one. We handle pedestrian accidents, train accidents, and more. Don't wait to contact us to start pursuing your case.

Bicycle Accidents
Bicyclists have the legal right to share the roads even though they are not always given equal treatment from cars. Drivers can fail to look out for them and may hit them while making a right hand turn or upon drifting into the bike lane. With little protection between them and the vehicle, bicyclists can deal with catastrophic injuries and even numerous fatalities.

Dog Bites
Without being properly trained or looked out for, a dog can attack without warning. Victims often have few ways to defend themselves and they may be dependent on others to help or for the dog to finally retreat. Bites from a dog can cut through the skin, leaving damage and even the potential to develop an infection. These should be treated immediately and if an owner acted negligently then a case may be in order.

Wrongful Death
It is a devastating situation when a life is lost because of the negligence of another person. Families can be left to mourn, as well as deal with expenses. This may include the hospital bills prior to their passing, the cost of a funeral and even the lost income that is faced when a main provider for the family is taken. Families may have a position to seek compensation and this can be pursued by speaking with an attorney about the specifics of the case.

Negligence is a reason that far too many accidents occur. The person responsible can fail to meet up to the standards of reasonability and prudence and their lack of caution can injure and even kill someone else. Negligence can take place in any type of case, from a doctor that is not paying enough attention, to a driver that is being reckless. This is a common issue in many injury cases and if it can be shown that the negligence was responsible for the injury then compensation can be won.


Our Dallas personal injury lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience and serve in a number of accident cases. Our team seeks full compensation in the cases we represent and we have been successful at retaining the means for many of our clients to move on from this unfortunate situation. Call our toll free number to learn about the ways that we may be able to help you.

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