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Whiplash Injuries

When a person is tossed front to back or side to side, their neck and the surrounding areas cannot keep up with the sudden motion and the overextension. This leads to injuries in and around the neck. A whiplash injury is commonly suffered in an auto accident, but can also be sustained in other instances, such as an accident related to a sports activity or a physical attack. A car accident that occurs to the back of the vehicle will often result in whiplash, since the victim is sent forward and backward with the restraint of their seatbelt. Being forced into hyperflexion and then the hyperflexed position in such a short window of time can lead to considerable damage. While this injury is not typically fatal, it can still be debilitating. The acceleration and deceleration in a vehicle accident can lead to muscle damage, back and neck pain, weakness, jaw pain, headaches, blurred vision and jaw pain. In more serious cases some individuals can deal with a ringing in their ears and trouble with their memory.

Signs that it is time to see a doctor are when the pain spreads past the neck, your arms become numb or tingle and if the pain makes it hard to move your head. The cost of these incidents is around 30 billion on a yearly basis, taking into account the cost of medical care, sick leave, disability, productivity that is lost and the litigation. Many people are fortunate enough to recover quickly from the accident, while others can suffer chronic symptoms that can set them back in their daily life. Sitting at a desk may become too painful, they may be limited in their range of motion, staying asleep can become harder to do or they may deal with a continuous headache. A diagnosis should be made by a medical professional and there are various ways that they can go about doing this, including an X-Ray or MRI.

Treatment will often include the use of a neck brace and giving the area time to recover. Medicine may also be needed to help relieve symptoms of pain and physical therapy can begin to help a victim regain their range of motion. If the whiplash resulted from an accident caused by another person then it may be necessary to seek compensation. Medical care is costly and even the smallest injuries can leave you paying. If there is another responsible party then you shouldn't have to cover the cost and an injury claim or lawsuit can help keep you from having to. Compensation may also be needed when a victim has to miss work as a result of the incident. The pain may prevent them from returning and this causes them to lose their source of income during that time. Speak with our Dallas injury attorney about your options and for further insight into whether you have a claim for compensation.

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