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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Injuries happen every day and some of them are minimal while others are severe. What is it that makes an injury cross the line to becoming catastrophic and how are these incidents different? A catastrophic injury is more often going to lead to long term results. It is not as easily recovered from and in numerous cases the damage can remain for life. Rather than only healing, many victims with a catastrophic injury will actually have to relearn things or learn how to adapt to the change. This can mean that they deal with the need for accommodations to their home and vehicle, physical therapy and a reliance on others for daily tasks. Some examples of a catastrophic injury include back injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and more. These can all be suffered in different ways, and a car accident is just one of the more common causes of these devastating instances.

How should a catastrophic injury case be handled? For starters, don't be too quick to take the settlement deal from the insurance company. Before you agree to anything you want to have it reviewed by a Dallas personal injury lawyer. At the time the settlement may seem like a good option; it sounds like a lot of money and it will make the situation end faster. This is the problem that a lot of injured parties face, and they take an amount that the insurance company knows is less than they should be receiving. An attorney can make sure that you don't take less than you should or they can take the case to court when it is needed. They are able to use their background to assess a more accurate amount of compensation, considering the long term needs for a person with a catastrophic injury. This means that they look at the physical limitations that will be dealt with over the months or years.

They also consider income and work with professionals to establish if the accident victim is expected to return to work or if they will be able to work at all. Compensation may be needed for lost wages while they recover or they may need compensation to include permanent lost income. If this is not included in a case then it may not be fully addressed, leaving victims out of luck down the road. In additional to the physical and financial toll, many victims deal with the emotional trauma of the situation. An accident can be a devastating thing, and it is only worsened the longer the situation persists. Becoming reliant on other people and having limitations in what they are able to do can cause all types of emotional pain to those injured. At Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP we look at the full span of a case so that our clients are fully taken care of. Let us help in your situation by contacting our firm immediately.

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