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Texas Legislation Fights for Seatbelt Laws and Still Has No Ban on Texting & Driving

According to many researchers, our country does not yet fully understand the seriousness of texting and driving, as there are not yet any truly accurate statistics that portray how many lives are injured or killed as a result of this action. The Texas Legislature time and time again are refusing to place a ban on texting and driving as a part of their regular traffic laws. A Houston police officer and safety expert says that the state legislature yet again failed to pass a law making this deadly act illegal.

Officer Paul Lassalle shares that over the years he has observed Legislature enforce laws for people to wear seatbelts, and yet they have done nothing to enforce safe driving on the roads by eliminating texting behind the wheel. And while it is important that people buckle up to save their own lives in an accident, their choosing to not wear a seat belt won’t hurt anyone else. However, when a driver is texting behind the wheel they are placing their own lives, the lives of passengers as well as any other cars or pedestrians around them at risk. Lassalle claims that Legislatures push to protect people in seat belts makes no sense when compared to how many more lives may be lost as a result of a car accident caused by texting drivers.

One of the concerns that lawmakers brought up during these arguments was the fact that it would be difficult for officers to enforce the law against texting and driving if it were passed. Lassalle objects by saying in the same way an officer would enforce a seat belt law, they would simply observe drivers and when they see the action they would be ticketed.

Sadly, because of drivers who believe they can text and drive at the same time, a number of accidents are occurring on the roads every day. In the year 2011, statistics show that 23% of all auto collisions in the U.S. were a direct result of this very act. In simpler terms, that year our country experienced 1.6 million car crashes because of texting and driving alone. Studies also show that a driver who is texting is six times more likely to cause an accident than a drunk driver—now that is a scary fact.

Have you been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver? Did you recently lost a loved one because that driver was texting instead of looking at the road? Even though there are no laws against texting and driving, their actions caused injury and at Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP, we will do whatever we can to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Call a Dallas personal injury attorney today for the legal representation you deserve!

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