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Women Continue to Sue Bayer AG for Birth Control-Related Injuries

The drug and chemical company Bayer AG says that its second quarter earnings for 2012 were a third lower than last year. The earnings were partially stunted because of the one-time deductions from earnings that totaled $762 million. This figure includes the $496 million that had to be set aside for settlement costs from lawsuits over Bayer’s birth control pills. The two most infamous birth control pills which are creating a host of issues in the United States are Yasmin and YAZ. These pills can create dangerous blood clots which lead to horrible health problems later on in life.

The company has added warnings to the Yasmin and YAZ pill packaging to remind people that that the birth control contains a synthetic hormone called drospirenone. Researchers have found that this is the reason for the many blood clots that are sending women to the emergency room with heart attacks and strokes. According to BusinessWeek, Bayer AG has reached more than $402 million in settlements concerning the Yasmin line of birth control pills. The Germany-based company has more than doubled its reserve for the Yaz cases, and pays out an average of $212,000 per case. The company believes that they have adequate expenses to prepare for the cases that are worth of settlement, and say that they will be able to pay out the people that they think deserve compensation.

Yet drug-industry analysts say that Bayer have to pay more than $2 billion in order to resolve the many cases that have arisen concerning the pills. The FDA recently examined data on more than 835,000 women who used the YAZ and Yasmin birth control pills. The Yasmin line is the No. 4 most-popular birth control in the U.S. The German drug maker Bayer received their first wave of lawsuits concerning YAZ and Yasmin birth controls when lawyers cited 50 deaths related to the pills in their first four years on the market.

While Bayer is willing to grant damages to people who can prove that the pills caused a cardiac arrest, they have been leery to grant money to those who claim that the contraceptives cause clots in their arteries. The company has agreed to settle 1,977 cases where the women blame the company’s contraceptives for blood clots in their veins. BusinessWeek says that 6,000 people have claimed experiencing blood clot health problems, but Bayer is trying to pick its battles strategically.

The drug maker has rejected claims that the pills affected women’s gall bladders and caused gall stones. If you have been harmed or someone you love was injured by Bayer AG’s Yasmin or YAZ birth controls, then you have the right to sue the company for product liability. Obtain damages for your pain by contacting our office and securing a lawyer that can fight for you today!

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