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Why Choose Jackson Allen & Williams? Board certified in civil trial law Over 50 years of combined experience
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Distracted Driving in Dallas

Dallas, TX Auto Accident Attorney

Approximately 1.3 million accidents each year are caused by distracted drivers. Texas has made it illegal to operate a vehicle while talking or texting on a cell phone, but there are still plenty of ways that a person can drive while distracted. The moment a person's mind, hand or eyes are removed from the task at hand — driving — they create an imminent risk of danger to not only themselves, but other drivers around them. Multiple programs have been put into place to ensure that roadways are kept safe and fines have greatly increased for drivers operating cars while distracted. Yet, with all of the efforts to keep the roads safe, distracted drivers still cause more than half of the accidents in Texas.

You can be considered driving distracted if you are doing a number of tasks. Even engaging in conversations with passengers in the car may divert your train of thought from the traffic around you. In fact, all of these actions may be considered distracted driving:

  • Using cell phones
  • Using GPS
  • Adjusting radios, CDs and MP3 players
  • Eating while driving
  • Personal grooming while driving
  • Talking to children or other passengers in the backseat
  • Drowsy driving

If you were injured because another person was operating a vehicle was distracted, you may be able to receive compensation for the wrongs that were done to you by working with Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP.

Pursuing Compensation for Damages in Dallas

At our firm, our team of dedicated legal professionals stands ready to provide you with outstanding legal representation. We have more than 50 years of combined legal experience in assisting Dallas area residents in obtaining the compensation that they deserve and we may be able to help you as well. If you were hurt by a driver who was operating a vehicle while distracted, you need to contact our team right away. We will aggressively pursue a favorable course of legal action to help you reach an amicable resolution for your case. Contact Jackson Allen & Williams, LLP today to schedule a consultation with a trusted Dallas personal injury attorney now.

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