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Why Choose Jackson Allen & Williams? Board certified in civil trial law Over 50 years of combined experience
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Dallas Car Accident Questions

Being injured in a car accident puts you in a difficult position and can leave you with many questions. Our Dallas personal injury lawyer can help you find the answers, as well as seek compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. Below are some questions that you may have after an accident but for further information it is recommended that you set up an appointment with our firm.

Can I avoid going to court?
When you sustain and injury and are seeking compensation, you may be able to do this through a claim with the insurance company. Many times the settlement period is enough for a resolution to be found and this can allow the chance to avoid court. If the amount of compensation that is being offered is not fair, then further action may need to be taken by going to court. While this can be a longer process in some cases, it is often worth is so that you are given the full amount you need. Failing to retain enough now can put you in a bad position later down the road.

Should I take the settlement deal that the insurance company is offering?
It depends on the offer that they are making you but in many cases it is likely to be too low. They want to look out for themselves so the amount they offer may seem like a lot but until later on after the compensation has run out you may not recognize that you deserved more. The insurance company wants to settle if that allows them to give you less and they don't to be left paying more than they actually have to. At our firm we can assess the details of the accident and the injury to provide a better idea of the amount of compensation that you should receive. We can also review settlement deals and negotiate when it is just not enough.

How much will my case be worth?
Every case can differ and the amount of compensation will as well. There is no exact way to tell how much you are owed, but through our experience and knowledge we are able to evaluate your case to better determine that amount. It is important to understand that as issues come to light throughout the case, the amount may change. Your case is unique and it should be assessed by an attorney individually.

How is fault determined in a car accident in Dallas?
There are many ways that we look into establishing fault in a personal injury case and this is an important thing to be able to do. Your chance of retaining compensation is dependent on the ability to prove that the other party was at fault so we make this the focus of a case. In a car accident the damage can often speak for itself and sometimes a reconstruction can provide a greater image of what took place. There may be witnesses that saw the accident take place and we can use their input.

Many streets these days have cameras to track traffic or buildings have surveillance cameras up for security reasons. This can be used as evidence to show an actual video of the event. The driver may have been under the influence and the police record or a chemical test may show that they were too impaired to be operating their vehicle. These are some of the ways that evidence can be gathered but there are many ways that fault can be shown. The three main things needed in the case include showing that the other individual was negligent, that this led to the accident and that it directly caused the injury.

After an accident in Dallas what information should I get?
Once the accident has taken place the first thing to worry about is our health and if you or anyone else involved require immediate attention. Next it will be necessary to exchange information for the future of the case or for repairs. Get contact information such as a name, phone number and an address. Insurance information should also be obtained, including the insurance provider, the policy number and the company number. Also get a driver's license number and license plate number. You can take a picture of an insurance company and driver's license to have the information. To help strengthen the case and provide clarity, take pictures of the damage that occurred to both cars, as well as the scene of the accident.

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